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Solutions Recovery International

Our Team

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Our team consists of multi-disciplinary, professional and licensed engineers and scientists who are experienced and well-informed about current engineering, environmental, and construction technologies.

 Ken Ravon, PE, MBA


Mr. Ravon is a seasoned senior executive with over 25 years of experience building market share and achieving revenue, profit, and business objectives within design-build startups and multi-million dollar companies worldwide.  He is a strategist and tactical executor with superb leadership and negotiation skills serving the energy, environmental and engineering/construction industries.  He has been highly successful in building relationships with decision makers through his knowledge of international and multi-cultural environments.

Mr. Ravon previously cofounded Energix Research, Inc. developing hydrogen generating technology. He was also a co-founder of Catalyx Fluid Solutions, where he developed a treatment technology for wastewater produced from Coal Bed Methane (CBM). He successfully demonstrated this technology for one of the largest land-lease-holder companies in USA, signed a $20 million Build-Own-Operate contract, and sold the contract and the technology to a publicly owned company called Sustainable Environmental Technology, Inc.

Mr. Ravon has completed design, construction and construction management of over 200 water and wastewater treatment facilities worldwide, accounting for well over $500 million dollars in total construction cost. His background also includes facility permitting, PBR Certification, and regulatory compliance for top 500 Fortune companies worldwide. His list of satisfied clients includes companies such as The Boeing Company, FMC Corporation, Komag, Kobe Precision, Hitachi Metal Technology, Cherry Aerospace Fasteners, JDS Uniphase, TTM Technologies, Alta devices, Solyndra, Hyundai Electronics, Disktec in Chili, SMIC in China, Episil and Trace Storage Technology in Taiwan.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State and MBA from Pepperdine University. He is also a registered engineer in California (M27518), Oregon (86055 PE), Arizona (53458) and Wyoming (11618).

David Hammond, M.S., Ph.D.

Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Hammond is an Environmental Chemist with a broad, interdisciplinary background in sustainable wastewater treatment, chemical ecology, strategic planning, natural products chemistry, sustainable agriculture, international community development, product innovation, and organizational management.  He has 25 years of experience working in the field of sustainability, helping companies innovate and problem-solve, especially by learning from nature, a field called biomimicry. 

Dr. Hammond is our Vice President of Engineering.  He previously co-founded GO2 Water, specializing in Design-Build-Operate of large-scale, engineered natural systems for the economical and ecological treatment of wastewater for total recycling, using anaerobic digestion to produce biogas and using microalgae to aerate the water and capture its nutrients in a process that leaves no sludge residuals. 

Dr. Hammond also founded a non-profit corporation, Altertec, which grew to 100 employees fostering sensible development in Latin American communities, including potable water systems and sustainable agriculture techniques.  The theoretical and practical framework for Altertec’s educational work is Permaculture Design, which encourages the conscious design of agricultural ecosystems that mimic natural ecosystems, particularly in their diversity of species and their symbiotic interactions.

Dr. Hammond earned a M.S. degree from UC Berkeley’s Energy & Resources Group, and a Ph.D. in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry, specializing in chemical ecology – the interaction of plants and animals at the chemical level.  He is fluent in Spanish and comfortable in Portuguese.  He has published in scientific journals spanning environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacology.  He is the inventor on two patents and a frequent speaker at a wide range of conferences and meetings. 

Mr. Hammond holds Ph.D. and Master of Science University of California Berkeley. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Third World Studies and Spanish Linguistics from University of California San Diego. He has also been a University Regents Fellowship twice and had received the Magy Scholarship for excellence in entomology.

Kent Sezen, P.E., S.E.

Structural Engineer

Mr. Sezen with more than 20 years of experience is responsible for managing structural related projects for SRI. This includes seismic calculations for treatment tanks and systems, Piping racks, earth retaining and mezzanine structures. Mr. sezen is also responsible for field inspection of anchoring systems for wastewater treatment systems, as well as any supporting structures and foundation.

Mr. Sezen has also worked for City of San Jose, California as a plan checker where he performed structural and life-safety plan checks for large projects.

Mr. Sezen is familiar with States and local codes such as CBC2007/2006 IBC; AISC-LRFD/ASD and Seismic; ASCE/SEI 7-05 – Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, AISC – LRFD/ASD Steel Construction Manual, AISC – Seismic Design Manual, FEMA 350 – Steel Moment Frames, ACI 318-05 for Concrete Structures, ACI-530 Masonry Structures, and 2005 NDS for Wood Structures.

Mr. Sezen also is responsible for performing • ROBOT – 3D Finite Element Modeling Program by ROBOBAT and Mathcad for our projects.

Mr Sezen has participated in Ph.D. program in Civil Engineering with structural emphasis in UC Davis. He hold a Master of Science in Civil Engineering with structural emphasis from San Jose State University. He also hold a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly. He is a registered professional engineer (C42933) and a registered structural engineer (S3716) in State of California.

Brian Moon, P.E.

Civil Engineer

Mr. Moon with more than 20 years of experience is responsible for managing civil and structural related projects for SRI. This includes seismic calculations for treatment tanks and systems, Piping racks, earth retaining and mezzanine structures. Mr. Moon is also responsible for field inspection of anchoring systems for wastewater treatment systems, as well as any supporting structures.

Mr. Moon has worked for world class organizations such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Inc. and Mobil and has completed numerous projects in fixed and floating structures for offshore development projects worldwide. He was also the assistant researcher for Ship Class Rule Development Project of Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit for Korea Shipbuilding register (KR) in Korea Maritime University.

Mr. Moon is familiar with States and local codes such as CBC2007/2006 IBC; AISC-LRFD/ASD and Seismic; AISI Cold-Formed Steel Design; ACI 318-05 for Concrete Structures; ACI-530 Masonry Structures; 2005 NDS by AF&PA for Wood Structures; FEMA 350 for Steel moment frames and other international codes such as AWS, ABS, API, NDA, and DNV.

He holds Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Korea Maritime University and has completed his education in University of Texas in Austin, TX. He isa registered professional engineer in State of California (C70892).

Ray Pagaduan, P.E.

Electrical Engineer

Mr. Pagaduan with more than twenty years of experience in the electrical engineering, design and construction of semiconductor cleanroom, manufacturing, office, government, retail and residential facilities is responsible for performing the electrical engineering of SRI's projects. He is experienced in the design and installation of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and the evaluation of existing electrical systems for National Electrical Code compliance. he is responsible for all phases of project design, that includes preliminary studies, writing scope and design criteria, providing detailed design, preparing specifications and construction documents, and providing construction assistance.

Some of his projects includes electrical engineering services for companies such as IBM, Applied Materials, Intel, MMC Technologies,Sun Microsystems and Onizuka Air station.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA. He is also a registered professional Electrical Engineer (E15177) in State of California and Hawaii (PE12032).

Charles Michaud

Chemical Engineer Adviser

Mr. Michaud with over 35 years of experience and several patents in chemical processes is our Technical Advisor.  Mr. Michaud has served as a consultant and as an expert witness and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Water Quality Association (he chairs the Technical and Education Committees). He is a past member of the Board of Directors and Board of Governors of the national Water Quality Association where and is past chair of the Commercial/Industrial Section. Current he serves on the Water Sciences Committee of the WQA.

Mr. Michaud received the PWQA Robert Gans Award in 1992 and the Award of Merit from WQA in 2000 in recognition of his ongoing technical contributions to the industry.  He was inducted into the PWQA prestigious Hall of Fame in 2007.  A founding member of the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine, he continues to serve on that body and has authored over 100 technical publications and papers.  He is a frequent speaker at association meeting, and has also addressed international forums including the Society of Chemical Engineers in Manila and the Cambridge Water Conference in Cambridge, UK.

His past professional experience includes Rohm and Haas and Purolite companies. During the period of employment with Rohm and Haas Company, Mr. Michaud developed a high level of expertise in industrial manufacturing associated with paper, textiles, adhesives, paint and coatings, chemical intermediates and petroleum, ion exchange and water treatment.  He has completed water and wastewater treatment plants in Pakistan, Korea, Philippines, Mexico and Indonesia (as well as many in the USA) and consulted on the design of other plants in Brazil, Guatemala, Viet Nam, China and Japan.  

He holds Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Business Economics from University of Maine.

 Craig Gamma

Code Specialist

Mr. Gamma, with over 28 years of experience within the Fire Service, is responsible for managing Fire and Life Safety code (Title 24) compliance for SRI.  As a retired Deputy Fire Marshal, he has considerable knowledge of the California Fire, Building and Mechanical code requirements, interpretation and the proper application thereof.  Mr. Gamma has many years of experience performing fire department plan reviews, as well as, permit and annual inspections of hazardous material facilities.

During his tenure, Mr. Gamma has a proven ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with City Department regulators. He holds an Associated Arts degree in Fire Science and State "Level I, II and III" Fire Prevention Certifications.

Lawrence Esquerra

Field Installation Manager

Mr. Esquerra oversees Project Implementations with respect to manufacturing and installation of wastewater treatment systems.  He has extensive experience managing projects both nationally and internationally.  Project types include municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, water reclamation/recycling, and large construction projects.

Some of the projects he worked on includes: Novellus, Four (4) facilities, San Jose, California; LSI Logic, Fremont and Santa Clara, California; Silicon Valley Group, Two (2) facilities, San Jose, California, Analog Devices, Sunnyvale, California, Wafertech, Camas, Washington, Asahi Glass, Hillsboro, Oregon, Triquent Semiconductor, Hillsboro, Oregon, Winbond FAB 3 and 4 and TSMC FAB 4, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, Chartered Semiconductor FAB 2, Singapore, and San Antonio Storm Water Treatment Plant, EBMUD, Oakland, California.

Mr. Esquerra holds Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering from San Jose State University, General Engineering Contractor License (747426),Civil Engineer License (XE071259), and Industrial Waste Treatment Plant Operator, Grade 4 certificate. He also has the Confined Space Entry Certification with 40-Hour HAZWOPR, 8-Hour Supervisory training.

Hormoz Mogarei

 Kaizen Services

Mr. Mogarei has been in management for more than 20 years with over 19 years of it directly in Lean Manufacturing environment. Mr. Mogarei was trained both in the U.S. and in Japan by companies like GM, Toyota, TakaNichi and Delphi. His practical and hands-on knowledge have helped him to participate in and complete many major Model Changes quite successfully, achieving results like 45% savings on labor and ~80% quality improvements! He is the recipient of Lean Manufacturing awards and recognitions from Toyota and its subsidiaries both in Japan and in the U.S.

He has lectured at Stanford University and he has delivered many sessions at Cal-Poly University in San Louis Obispo and various professional associations such as APICS and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). He is a regular lecturer at Stanford Hospital.

In the Automotive industry, he has held many managerial positions such as Assembly Line Manager, Lean Implementation Training Manager, Maintenance & Facilities Manager.

His clients list includes Boeing in Oregon, Applied Materials in Texas and Intel, Manex and Altera in California.





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