Neutralization Calculations
Nov 052014

Mr. Michaud with over 35 years of experience and several patents in chemical processes is our Technical Advisor.  Mr. Michaud has served as a consultant and as an expert witness and currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Water Quality Association (he chairs the Technical and Education Committees). He is a past member of the Board of Directors and Board of  Governors of the national Water Quality Association where and is past chair of the Commercial/Industrial Section. Current he serves on the Water Sciences Committee of the WQA.

Mr. Michaud received the PWQA Robert Gans Award in 1992 and the Award of Merit from WQA in 2000 in recognition of his ongoing technical contributions to the industry.  He was inducted into the PWQA prestigious Hall of Fame in 2007.  A founding member of the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine, he continues to serve on that body and has authored over 100 technical publications and papers.  He is a frequent speaker at association meeting, and has also addressed international forums including the Society of Chemical Engineers in Manila and the Cambridge Water Conference in Cambridge, UK.

His past professional experience includes Rohm and Haas and Purolite companies. During the period of employment with Rohm and Haas Company, Mr. Michaud developed a high level of expertise in industrial manufacturing associated with paper, textiles, adhesives, paint and coatings, chemical intermediates and petroleum, ion exchange and water treatment.  He has completed water and wastewater treatment plants in Pakistan, Korea, Philippines, Mexico and Indonesia (as well as many in the USA) and consulted on the design of other plants in Brazil, Guatemala, Viet Nam, China and Japan.

He holds Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Business Economics from University of Maine.