Neutralization Calculations
Oct 252014

Gillette, Wyoming – Produced Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Wastewater treatment systems.

 Yates Petroleum Corporation is a largest land lease holder in USA. They operate in Wyoming and New Mexico to extract coal bed methane (CBM) gas. In 2007 they had signed a Build Own & Operate (BOO) contract with RG Global Lifestyle (RGBL). SRI’s principal is one of the  developer of this technology under Catalyx Fluid Solutions (CFS) and sold the right of building CBM wastewater treatment to RGBL for part interest in RGBL. SRI principal designed and managed the construction of this facility, which was started with a green-field and without any access to any utilities. We have managed the construction of the concrete pad, building, and fabricated the equipment for this facility and met the schedule and budget for RGBL.