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Solutions Recovery International (SRI) is a full service engineering company capable of providing Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, structural engineering and Fire Safety and code compliance services and depending upon the scope of project provide turnkey services for Semiconductor, Plating, PCB, Dairy and Winery industries. SRIis committed to client satisfaction through providing the most innovative engineering solutions.

SRI full range of capabilities based on the skill set of our talented employees and subcontractors enables us to offer a total MEP solutions.  Based on these skill sets we also offer  Project Management , coordination, planning, and construction support.

SRI also offers a full line of proven treatment/recycling/reuse technologies that can recycle up to 95% of the  rinse water from your operation. These technologies have resulted in tremendous saving in water and treatment chemicals. In some cases the product water is deionized water, which can also improve products’ quality.

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Our team consists of multi-disciplinary, professional and licensed Engineers Scientists Contractor who are experienced and well-informed about current engineering, environmental, and construction technologies.

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