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Emergency Response Contingency PlanEmergency Response Contingency Plan

Emergency Response Contingency Plan  - hazmat teamThe purpose of the Emergency Response Contingency Plan (ERCP) is to establish a process to respond to emergency cases during the business operation. This plan would include, but not limited to the following action plans:

  •  Implementation plan based on personnel safety
  •  Evacuation plan and posting in all major corridors
  • Notification plan, complete with employees alarm method and list of emergency contacts
  • Response plan defining the matrix utilize to arrive at the appropriate response level
  • Documentation plan identifying forms and information about hazardous material in the facility
  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) plan, which would consist of personnel within the facility, complete with their respective roles and guidelines in case of an emergency
  • Mobilization plans, which would include equipment, material, and services required for the implementation of response to an emergency event

SRI can provide training, plan and dry run practices to your employees and ERT personnel, which can minimize environmental impact while reducing risks to the Company’s personnel and assets.