Neutralization Calculations
Nov 032014

Hormoz Mogarei, Kaizen Services

Mr. Mogarei has been in management for more than 20 years with over 19 years of it directly in Lean Manufacturing environment. Mr. Mogarei was trained both in the U.S. and in Japan by companies like GM, Toyota, TakaNichi and Delphi. His practical and hands-on knowledge have helped him to participate in and complete many major Model Changes quite successfully, achieving results like 45% savings on labor and ~80% quality improvements! He is the recipient of Lean Manufacturing awards and recognitions from Toyota and its subsidiaries both in Japan and in the U.S.

He has lectured at Stanford University and he has delivered many sessions at Cal-Poly University in San Louis Obispo and various professional associations such as APICS and Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME). He is a regular lecturer at Stanford Hospital.

In the Automotive industry, he has held many managerial positions such as Assembly Line Manager, Lean Implementation Training Manager, Maintenance & Facilities Manager.

His clients list includes Boeing in Oregon, Applied Materials in Texas and Intel, Manex and Altera in California.