Neutralization Calculations
Oct 252014

Multiple projects with this satisfied client, which started in 2003 and continues with annual service contract to this date.


Milpitas Ca. Facility – Wastewater transfer and disposal systems.

In 2003, JDS Uniphase acquired the facility from Readrite, and continued some of the operations generating wastewater. However, the existing treatment system was not designed to process such wastewater. SRI designed and installed a separate transfer system, bypassing the exiting treatment facility, complete with pH monitoring and flow recorder.

San Jose, Ca. Facility – Arsenic and HF removal systems

In 2000 JDS Uniphase acquired Spectra Diode in San Jose, with an existing treatment system installed in an underground vault. By 2004 this system was rusted and creating a possible long term problem. SRI, designed, fabricated and installed an above ground treatment package unit capable of treating the Arsenic and HF wastewater generated from their operation. Chemical Precipitation Technology was utilized to accomplish this treatment. This project was completed within budget and schedule.


San Jose, Ca. Facility – PBR Certification.

The Wright-Polanco-Lempert Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit Reform Act of 1992 (Assembly Bill 1772), which went into effect on January 1, 1993, made important changes to State law governing the treatment and storage of hazardous wastes. Assembly Bill 1772 (AB1722) established a five-tiered program for authorizing treatment and/or storage at many businesses that require State authorization to treat or store hazardous waste, but do not require a hazardous waste facility permit under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The “Permit by Rule” (PBR) tier for non-RCRA regulated, onsite treatment facilities subject to the requirements set forth in Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Division 4.5, Chapter 45 (22 CCR §67450), which requires a Registered Professional Engineer to certify all treatment tanks in a Fixed Treatment Unit.

SRI performed this certification for Acid Waste Neutralization and the Arsenic Removal Systems in San Jose facility.