Neutralization Calculations
Oct 252014
Multiple projects with this satisfied client, which was purchased by Maxtor and finally by Seagate in 2007.

Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade

In 2003 MMC Technology took over the HMT old building in Fremont, California. This facility had an EPOC treatment system that was mothballed in 1999. EPOC Water was sold to Kinetico Engineered Systems since then and was only offering parts for the old EPOC clients. SRI was hired to upgrade the treatment system control panel and PLC programming. This project was delivered on time and within budget.

Wastewater Treatment System

In 2005 MMC Technology planed to expand its plating and polishing operation from San Jose facility to the adjacent building in Fremont, utilizing some of the equipment they had recovered from HMT-Eugene operation. Since SRI’s design team was the original designer of the HMT-Eugene system, MMC requested the general contractor to work with SRI in developing this plan. The design package was delivered for construction in 36 days.

Technology Development

MMC Technology in San Jose generates large amount of spent Electroless Ni chemicals and polishing wastewater, which require expensive chemicals to treat. SRI was hired to develop a low cost treatment system and pilot some of the technologies offer by other manufacturers. SRI developed a treatment process for the Electroless Ni that cut its treatment cost by over 95%. US Filter and Catalyx Fluid Solutions offered Ion Exchange Technology for removal of Ni from the polishing wastewater.

San Jose & Fremont, Ca. Facility – PBR Certification.

The Wright-Polanco-Lempert Hazardous Waste Treatment Permit Reform Act of 1992 (Assembly Bill 1772), which went into effect on January 1, 1993, made important changes to State law governing the treatment and storage of hazardous wastes. Assembly Bill 1772 (AB1722) established a five-tiered program for authorizing treatment and/or storage at many businesses that require State authorization to treat or store hazardous waste, but do not require a hazardous waste facility permit under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The “Permit by Rule” (PBR) tier for non-RCRA regulated, onsite treatment facilities subject to the requirements set forth in Title 22 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR), Division 4.5, Chapter 45 (22 CCR §67450), which requires a Registered Professional Engineer to certify all treatment tanks in a Fixed Treatment Unit.

Construction of Complete Wastewater Treatment Systems

In 1996, a complete Wastewater Treatment Systems, which included 7 pump stations, 240 gallons per minute (GPM) metal removal/clarifier, three 1000 gallons batch treater complete with three filter presses treating concentrated Electroless nickel and 1100 GPM acid waste neutralization (AWN)/pH adjustment systems was constructed by SRI principals. This project was awarded as “Meeting the Challenge of Difficult Job” at the builder magazine by CGA. This project was completed within budget and schedule.