Neutralization Calculations
Nov 102019
Nigel Slater, PE
VP of SBR Division

Mr. Nigel Slater has over 34 years of experience in research, engineering consulting and contracting for design and implementation of 170+ municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants (WWTP’s) across 25 countries.

These new-build and retrofit projects include activated sludge systems, SBR’s, MBR’s, BAF, RBC’s, trickling filters and physical-chemical systems.

He has written and published over 20 papers in the wastewater industry, and attended and presented at many conferences worldwide. Mr. Slater’s role in SRI is the Vice President of the SBR Division, which includes sales & marketing, engineering design, start-up, and training. He has managed the design of municipal wastewater biological nutrient removal (BNR) facilities, and industrial WWTP’s including dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil refinery, landfill leachate and high-nitrogen wastewaters throughout the world.

He has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Manchester, UK in Chemical Engineering.