Neutralization Calculations
1100 gpm AWN System

Acid Waste Neutralization Water Treatment System SetupAcid Waste Neutralization

1100 gpm AWN SystemNeutralization systems or acid waste neutralization (AWN) systems are designed specifically for non-metal bearing rinses. AWN can be designed as a compact package for up to 150 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). The small package system can be either a single-stage batch system or a continuous two or three-stage system. Depending upon the size and application, they are fabricated from Polypropylene (PP), PVC, or mild material. For a small package, the tank parameter is equipped with 1½” steel tubes for structural support. These steel tubes are encapsulated with ½” PP material to avoid corrosion and provide additional wall support. They are skid mounted for portability.

 The small package AWN is also available with a double-contained wall for tight areas.
 The control panel is a NEMA 4 FRP box, with pH controllers accessible for the operators to change pH set points. The controller is equipped with HOA switches for chemical pumps, audible and visual for various processes.