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MicroFiltration Water Treatment TechnologyWastewater Treatment Products

MicroFiltration Water Treatment Technology is normally utilized to replace clarifier from the precipitation process. MicroFiltration Water Treatment  Metallic-MicrofilterThis approach provides a better quality effluent from the treatment system as this technology filters down to 0.2 micron particles. However, it is susceptible to clogging, which requires acid and bleach cleaning.

As industry has been developed and population increased, consuming capacity of water in each country is increasing and some of them has serious water shortage problem. Therefore many factories are trying to reuse wastewater, it is inevitable to install filter system for polishing of effluents. Typical products of solid/liquid separating technologies are sand media filter, cartridge filter, membrane filters.

MicroFiltration Water Treatment Sand filter has been used typically in polishing of effluent, however water quality to be treated by sand filter is not good for reusing. Cartridge filter can be used reasonably in the application of mild raw water to have low concentration of TSS, but it does not in case of effluents of wastewater to have some high concentration, as it must be exchanged frequently, it is not environment friendly. Meanwhile, membrane filter can make a important role to compose reusing plant as water quality to be treated by membrane filter is most excellent in comparing with sand filter or cartridge filter. Meanwhile , membrane has some serious problems like gel fouling and plugging phenomena, which are made from suspended solid or colloidal particle in the surface of membrane sheet. Gel fouling can be resolved by chemical cleaning, however, it reduces life expectancy of membrane and cleaning  waste-by-product is another stream that requires further treatment. On the other hand Plugged  membrane  may  not be recovered by chemical cleaning alone and it must be exchanged.

MicroFiltration Water Treatment The VPMF(Variable Pore structure Micro Filter), which has excellent backwash performance than media filter and can filtrate over 0.2micron size. VPMF is made of fine micro fiber like Polyester, Nylon, PP. VPMF can be backwashed by water and air only without chemical cleaning ,so it is environment friendly product.