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Sequential Batch Reactor Water TreatmentSequential Batch Reactor Water Treatment


Sequential Batch Reactor Water Treatment (SBR) was developed for congested area where construction of collection system (sewer) is not cost effective. This technology was designed to for small to medium population such as apartment and office complexes, hospitals rest stops. Its advantage over the conventional domestic wastewater treatment system is its small foot print and ease of operation.

This technology utilizes aerobic process and is capable of treating wastewater with high strength in BOD and TSS to 20/20 at the plant discharge. Lower BOD/TSS is possible for the application of discharging to local the river. The resultant sludge is further treated by aerobic process for sludge volume reduction. Standard filter press for small size plant and belt presses for larger one can be utilized for dewatering the treated sludge to a non-hazardous, dry sludge.

We designed and managed the construction of more than 30 of these plants in Taiwan, where implementation of sewer collection system was not possible. Five of these plants won the national award form a Environmental Protection office in Taiwan, the equivalent of EPA award in US.

SBR can be designed from 100,000 GPD to 50,000,000 GPD.

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