Neutralization Calculations
Jul 212017

SRI has completed number of projects for WD since 2005:

1. Acid metering pump Design and implementation;2005 – WD was producing high strength acid mixture that was stored in an equalization tank inside of the vault and then was pumped by an air operated pump to the treatment system based on a level sensor installed at the equalization tank. However, this setup was causing the treatment process to go out of spec and violating the discharge limits. SRI designed and implemented a system utilizing a modulating air to operate the air operated pump based on pH at the treatment system and the level sensor at the equalization tank.As-Built Drawing; 2005 – WD’s system was designed and installed by EPOC in 1992. Numbers of modifications were done on the system and its processes without documentation. SRI followed all process lines and control logics to develop As-Built drawings for the EPOC system.

2. EPOC Membrane replacement; 2005 – By 2005, EPOC was no longer in business and the membranes were plugged to the point that chemical cleanings were not yielding better flux rate. SRI sourced the membrane and change out all membrane on EPOC system restoring the original flux rate.

3. General Engineering; 2006 & 2007 – Various engineering projects at the wastewater treatment and DI systems.

4. Tank Certification for San Jose Facility 2011 – SRI performed a full tank certification under Title 22 PBR California Code of Regulations.

5. Secondary Containment Inspection and Report; 2012 at San Jose Facility – SRI performed a full trench and vault inspection and provide a comprehensive report on the status of this containment system.

6. New Wastewater Treatment Systems, Fremont, 2013& 2014 – SRI provided engineering and construction services to segregate all waste streams based on compatibilities and designed a new wastewater treatment system, by replacing all equalization tanks inside of the vault and EPOC system, while the FAB in operation. Our design kept the CMP and CMF systems and one of the filter presses. This design included the diversion pumping systems for all wastewater, a temporary treatment and storage tanks, demolition of all EPOC treatment tanks, membrane, controller, and batch treatment. The new design included a 150 GPM equalization/pump station and acid waste neutralization system, a newmetal bearing rinse equalization/pump station with pH adjustment and coagulation addition and diversion valving system, caustic dispensing loop and acid metering systems, two new filter presses, new sampling tank and new PLC based controller system.

EPOC System before picture

After completion of construction

7. Scrubber Discharge design & implementation; 2014 – SRI design a gravity line to eliminate a pump station from the main scrubber

8. Tank Certification for Fremont Facility 2014 – SRI performed a full tank certification under Title 22 PBR California Code of Regulations, including the solvent system.


9. Acid Tank Modification; 2014 – SRI designed and modify the existing acid tank to provide inverse level indicator requested by the chemical delivery company.

10. Tank Certification for Fremont Facility 2015 – SRI performed a full tank certification under Title 22 CACalifornia Code of Regulations.

11. Solvent Tank Replacement;2015 – SRI designed, provided tanks and controller and construction management for replacement of an existing solvent pump station to a solvent storage tank and modifying emergency and normal vent without any introduction to WD’s operation by providing a temporary storage tank during the construction.

12. Tank Certification for San Jose Facility 2017 – SRI performed a full tank certification under Title 22 PBR California Code of Regulations.