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Sludge Buster


The “Sludge Buster” system is a revolutionary, breakthrough technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of organic waste, such as residential, commercial, industrial, municipal sectors. The technology has gone through years of research and development in the United States. It can also be used to clean waterways such as rivers lakes and bays effectively.
The Sludge Buster which has a rating for green patent A, sets itself apart from all other systems and is in the best biological treatment technology. Unlike other biologicalBioClleaner treatment systems, which require regular application of microbes, the Sludge Buster constantly produces its own microbes, eliminating the need to add new microbes every day. The Sludge Buster is more efficient and can produce better quality water. Activated sludge or Sequencing batch reactor (SBR) systems can easily be upgraded with the Sludge Buster system to achieve high-quality discharge water.

The Sludge Buster will eliminate collective sludge during the treatment process. It is mostly suited for application with high COD and treatment of high flow in a small footprint. The treatment tanks will be filled with microbes enabling an efficient breakdown of all organic waste including oil and grease. A standard Sludge Buster system can be per-engineered to BOD 5mg/L and COD 20mg/L or even to non-detect. No sludge handling is required. This means that sludge handling or desludging will no longer be needed, saving a significant amount of capital and operational costs. related costs
typically average 90% of your STP expenses.

Each Sludge Buster is powered by a small 2.0 HP blower depending on unit size, which is smaller than other existing technology. No expensive transfer pumps are needed. Furthermore, the effectiveness of our patented system enables you to recycle 100% of the wastewater. The recycled water can be suitable for flushing, washing, and irrigation Excess water can be used to recharge the groundwater as well. Coupled with a Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit you can effectively treat the wastewater to drinking standard.

This is an environmentally friendly technology due to low electricity consumption as well as mostly eliminating the production of methane gas, which translates to a lower carbon footprint. In addition, this technology virtually eliminates odors as our mixture of microbes digest sulfur-producing microbes. Places, where odor control is important, will benefit greatly from this technology.
The Sludge Buster can be retrofitted to existing sewage plants (STP) or wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). The compact nature and easy assembled system enable almost all existing systems to benefit from the advantages of this technology.

The microbes are all-natural and have not been genetically modified. Only microbes classified by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) as Biosafety Level 1 are used in the Sludge Buster. Biosafety Level 1 means that if a person ingests the microbes, it will not cause any harm. Different microbes are used for different applications. In nature, microbes are used to decompose dead material until they are returned to the ecosystem. Just like nature, we use natural microbes to treat wastewater towards its original form. The microbes are in a special patented immobilized state in the form of media. Immobilized state means that the microbes are dormant or hibernating. When media or microbes have oxygen and nutrients available, they then activate or awaken and will start multiplying. It is the newly produces microbes that will occupy the entire tank and treat the wastewater to high standards. The media is located along the bottom horizontal tube of the system. The microbes use the waste as their food source or where they get their nutrients. That is why it is critical to use specific microbes for different applications. The Sludge Buster also delivers a very efficient amount of oxygen to the water. This enables the microbes to have a good source of oxygen needed to flourish. The Sludge Buster is a natural, cost-effective, and fast method of treating wastewater.